How to Choose Your Favorite Scent (Perfume) for Fall

Chanel Paris Venise scent

I am on my path to being a perfume collector. For years, I have wanted to be in a position where I could afford fragrances that I loved. So recently, while reflecting, I decided that time was ripe to start collecting perfumes. Ripe, because fall is the one time scents travel, since most activities are held indoors. Although, I would be first to admit that my recent itch to be a perfume collector has its chord tied to social media.


But choosing the right scent for fall requires lots of research. Perfumes are a way to trap memories and we want to make the right choice.

The first step was to do some reading on perfume culture. I was blown away by the details that I found out. For example, “perfumes today are made with a three-tiered pyramidal structure consisting of head, heart and base notes.”

Well, I have been one to purchase perfumes based off the first whiff. I have never paid much attention to the technicalities.

So, why the need to have many perfumes, you may ask? Well, choice! I love the idea of having different scents or fragrances to choose from when stepping out for an event. I am not much of a talker, and I know a good scent is a conversation starter, at least for me.

Choosing the right scent for fall requires lots of research. Perfumes are a way to trap memories and we want to make the right choice



How to Choose Your Scent(s) This Fall

Perfumes are a way to trap memories when the weather gets foggy. Fall is a great season, but it also gets too cold for us and harder to create outdoor memories with friends or lovers. Perfumes, when chosen wisely, can help us revisit memories of travel, a faraway lover, or remind us of our confidence.

Another new finding during my research was that after spraying perfume, it isn’t always ideal to try to spread scent by rubbing wrist or applied areas. And that “the main distinction between the iterations you see today – Eau de cologne (EDC), Eau de toilette (EDT), Eau de parfum (EDP) and parfum, contain different amounts of essential oils.”

Shoutout to Her World for the basics I got to know during my read for this blog post. 

I found out that not all perfumes blow you away at first whiff- you have to be patient with the scent to saturate and do its magic. Every day, my curiosity makes me learn new things that get me excited to explore.

As an aside, I am learning a few terminologies to communicate scents. For example, woody, floral, and spice notes. These terms are influencing my taste and choices in perfumes I decide to collect this fall. Oh, and there is the hair mist for those that don’t love body spray perfume. A conversation for another time!

What scent are you looking forward to this fall?