Here are 5 Things Under $50 to Purchase From Amazon

Today on the blog, I am sharing a few items $50 or under of home goods that I recently purchased and items on my wishlist. This post is helpful for students heading back to school or for those decorating their space on a budget.

Often times when things are affordable, we tend dismiss them for being poor quality. But sometimes these products are of good quality and provide the same service as other high end brands. Now, I know I am promoting amazon despite my angst with Bezos accumulating all these unhealthy wealth. But there is no denying that the convenience, delivery time and access to amazing products, reduces competition for Amazon.

Let’s get into the products. I have chosen products that have a unique edge and can make any space look elevated and modern.

A SOFSYS Work from Home Desk $37.99:

This SOFSYS work desk is a great affordable fit for students living in a small studio bedroom, or those working from home temporarily. The delivery time if you live in DC, is 2-business days. I have enjoyed using their product so I highly recommend.

Atlinia Linen Pillowcase $35.90

I have purchased a few items from Atlinia, and featured them in a blog post here. Excited to see that the brand is now available on Amazon, with items listed that are below $50. These throw linen pillow sham or pillow cover are a recommended purchase.

Printed, Linen-Textured Floral Curtain $36.99

If you’re looking for something bright to add to your bedroom as fall approaches, I recommend this July Joy sunny floral sheer curtain. Curtains are on my purchase list for fall, I just need to figure out my window measurements and how to hang the panels. If you have recommendation tips let me know, or I could actually just find a YouTube tutorial.

A Bamboo side Table 41.99

If you are a looking for a cute coffee, plant, or flower table like I am, then this item will be a great buy.

click here to purchase

Modern Farmhouse Side/End Table Shelf $49.99

If you are looking for a unique side table with a little shelf, I would recommend this item. I particularly love the model image used to sell the item, it’s the right design-use story for the product. Click here to purchase

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