“It is true that we must each appropriate, that is, make our own, the tradition into which we have been born.”

The above text is the first thought that comes to mind when I think about styling an all-black outfit. If you’re Nigerian, it’s easy to grasp this, because wearing an all-black outfit for the fun or style of it can be considered a recent trend with our generation.
    Wearing black was reserved for mournful periods and wearing it outside of that meant bringing bad luck to yourself. My mum will not allow me to wear an all-black outfit, without a hint of colour or bold accessories (which should carry colour too). However, times have changed and our generation has found a way of waving those biases by making black outfits work for us. Nowadays, people wear black for happy ceremonies, some go as far as adding it to their bridal train (still won’t happen in Nigeria) at least not soon.

I decided to style two black outfits for today’s post as an outfit idea for anyone considering to style the black pieces in their wardrobe.

 Outfit Details
Top/ H&M
Jeans/ Mott & Bow