How To Revamp Your Wardrobe With 2021 Spring/Summer Fashion Trends

I dreaming of spring because winter this year has been brutal! But I hear we are 24 days-away from spring, and that is a relief. It’s been dreadful and exasperating going out in extra layers and dealing with murky weather. Fun fact, I’ve never been able to catch up with winter fashion, outside the boots that give layers extra spice.

Obviously I am looking forward to spring and summer for the fashion fits in 2021 which seem to be very promising. At least I can see myself in most of the trends highlighted today, if not all. So here are a few trends I predict will reign supreme in spring and also summer of 2021.

I will try to be inclusive, highlighting items I that will fit the Nigerian and American perspective.

Spring/Summer Trends

Pastel Purple: I almost dedicated a single blog post to this color trend because it made me excited. Pastel purple is making a big comeback this year, and it’s prominent from runway looks to street style. The color, which is a comforting shade of purple, blends in beautifully with other color shades, see example below.

Stine Goya

Turtle Neck: I love that turtle necks are making a comeback in clothing. There is a form of grandeur to turtle neck that is indescribable despite the pattern or material it is added to, form or shape it takes. From knitwear, chiffon, to organza, etc., prepare to see a slew of turtle neck outfits and designs in 2021.


Print Pattern

Adire Print: Worn mostly by the Yoruba people in Western Nigeria, Adire meaning “tied and dyed,” is a lovely pattern making a resurgence into the fashion scene. This print pattern has been embraced globally and we are likely to see a trend this spring.

Lisa Folawiyo

Sailor-Collar Design: I am so onboard with this vintage detail being infused in blouses! There will be a trend of big flap collars in spring- although this trend is most likely to be adopted by those keen on experimenting with their style.


Cut Through Looks

Ring cut Blouse: The gathering O-ring sculptured design, was a unique style favorite in 2020. The commercialization of this design is what we get to see in 2021! Most designers are infusing this trend to simple looks like tops and beach gowns.


Wooden Heels & Woven Platforms: Footwear designers are opting for wooden heels when designing their products. I love it, because wooden material allow for a lot of flexibility when designing quirky pieces. Jaquemus designs are a testament to the fact. Outside wooden heels, woven platforms mostly seen in wedges are also being used for high platform shoes, and also simple slides, bringing back 70s fashion nostalgia.

Sam Edelman

Patchwork Design: As with most trends, this look is not for everyone, it can be a hit or miss with no in-between . The patchwork look, was seen on influential celebrities like Kylie Jenner and I suspect that this look will pick up this year. Among the trends mentioned, the patchwork is one I I want to explore, because I see its potential to be Avantgarde.

Keplar London

Print leggings: I am not too excited about the print-on-leggings trend, but it’s one that would rave on this year. You may see me hop on it too, styling it with a favorite front slit short skirt or oversized t-shirt!


Jean Paul Gaultier Styled Print: I am deliberate about attributing this trend to JPG. The resurgence of his print on sheen design has made me re-evaluate and fall in love with a fabric I once considered to outlandish to be a thing.

Wide Hats

Wide hats: Nothing new here, except that wide hats are set to make a comeback again! The last time people went crazy for it was in 2015 and I had them in 3-4 colors. I’m digging this comeback and I recently added a nude shade to my wardrobe and cannot wait to style it.

Gucci wide-hat

Colored Sunglasses: A trend to watch out for

Apercu colored sunglasses

Stir up Trousers: These trends tend to recycle more often that we would admit. I have one of these and I can’t wait to be part if the luncheon community for this style in 2021

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