How to Remain Excited at Home: Fun Jigsaw Puzzles under $100

Minted Jigsaw Puzzle image

Jigsaw Puzzles and the Nostalgia

My first encounter with puzzles when I was 7-years old! My church had held a bible quiz competition and I came in second place. As a result, I was gifted a vintage camera and an animal world jigsaw puzzle. I still remember the emotions that I felt the first time putting the puzzle together that revealed a whole image.

A childlike delight that left me happy, and excited but more-also intrigued, I had never felt so intelligent.

Fun Facts about Jigsaw Puzzles 

My childhood was eventful because of the non-digital things I encountered that brought me joy. Like playing in the sand, reading a graphic novel or going for a birthday event, and lately I have been reminiscing on those moments.

Reading this you may wonder if puzzles really give off the emotions of excitement that  I mentioned above. Do they really make one feel intelligent?  And of what benefit is having tiny-cut pieces of an image challenge you? I did some digging and yes, outside providing quality time and relaxation, there are other positively puzzling things about owning jigsaw puzzles.

According to Ravensburger jigsaw puzzles can make us feel proud of ourselves in a healthy way.

Here are quick fun facts about Jigsaw puzzles as seen on Cheapism which I found very interesting

  • Puzzles were once rich people’s game, used by aristocrat families as educational tools
  • Oh and you guessed right the name has something to do with ‘Saw’
  • Puzzles became famous during the Great Depression (this makes sense)
  • They’re used to provide solace
  • Jigsaw puzzles can be customized (I bet you already knew that).
  • They inspire artist and provide philosophical take on life.

As with all things, the idea of relaxation and spending quality time with ourselves or loved ones has changed due to the pandemic. More people are seeking ways to find joy and satisfaction. Although digital connections have provided ways to connect and relax, I believe traditional activities such as Jigsaw puzzles are great tools to inspire joy.

I have sourced around for a few jigsaw puzzles below $100, which I highly recommend.

Types of Jigsaw Puzzles


Timeless Goods


Instagram image

My fashion and vintage self was really excited about finding timeless goods on instagram, featured on Beyonce’s shop and also Google Pixel’s collaboration with black owned everything. The customizable jigsaw puzzle come in different shapes with photography by Cary Fagan. Their price range is broken down into how many pieces you need. For example, the 260 pieces of the above image is $90.



Minted Blaze jigsaw puzzle

If you’re into family puzzles, then minted will excite you. The puzzles feature frame like images of loved ones, and can be customized into varied pieces from 12 to 252. A superb breakdown that provides puzzle access to both children and adults. Price varies but you can get 252 pieces for $42

West Elm

West Elm Yoro Park Puzzle

Trust West Elm to carry every single product you search for on the home goods session. Challenge yourself with this Yoro park architectural puzzle, sold for $35. I love the color choices seen in the full image.

Uncommon Goods Vintage Puzzle

Cacti & Succulents Vintage puzzle

One thing about me, if it’s vintage I’ll love to have it in my cart. For plant lovers the Cacti & Succulents 1000 pieces of jigsaw puzzle from uncommon goods is an affordable add to your home. The price point is also attractive because with $20 you can purchase this well designed jigsaw puzzle.

Serious Puzzles

For people who are into the quaint way of living, and admire the long tradition of the New Yorker, this 1000 pieces of jigsaw puzzle will intrigue you. The colors are vivid and nostalgic, I’ll know because old copies of the New Yorker are on my list of vintage collections to keep.

Did you enjoy this post, let me know in the comment section below and I’m interested in hearing your favorite childhood memories.

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