Made in Kenya: Spring Fashion with Ubuntu Life

Lamu Mule, Chestnut Brown

How do you enjoy spring fashion?

How do you enjoy spring fashion? by purchasing products from brands that meet social needs of their communities. For the blog’s first brand feature, this year, I’m highlighting “Ubuntu Life,” a brand listed last year in Oprah Winfrey’s Christmas wishlist. Its a made in Kenya brand.

Recently, I got gifted a few items from their wide range of collections, including the infamous suede mules and bracelets. So, I was excited when they offered to send me a few items. See recent IGTV post of me styling their mules for spring.

There is a lot to love about the brand. The initial attraction for me was it being an African (Kenya) made brand; I am Nigerian, so there was this African connection. The products I got were light-weight and of good quality. But I did more digging to know more about the brand. ‘Ubuntu’ as a word, rings a bell. I’ve heard the word in passing but paid more attention to it recently, when Doc Rivers, a former Lakers coach, in a Netflix series called “The Playbook,” spoke on how the word inspired his team to win during a tough time.

About Ubuntu

In the literal term, the word Ubuntu means “I am because you are.” It’s short as it is powerful. According to the Guardian, Ubuntu is just part of the Zulu phrase “Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu”, which literally means that a person is a person through other people. Ubuntu has its roots in humanist African philosophy, where the idea of community is one of the building blocks of society.

For a brand to carry on that mantra, it meant being driven by a purpose greater than profit. So, I read about the brand, and yes, Unbuntu Life is doing just that- through their numerous projects in healthsocial well-being and female empowerment. They are bringing the nebulous concept of common humanity attached to the word Ubuntu to life. You can read more about their mission through this link. The story of the brand is moving and inspiring, two pastors connected by similar life mission. 

Backed with all this background information detailed above, you can tell I’ll be enjoying my spring with their products. I love the use of print, their choice of colour, and the quality of their material.

Product Rating

As an honest review, it’s a 10 across board. The design, the price point, customer service, packaging and delivery was seamless. It’s one of the few products in my wardrobe that I look at and it immediately brings me absolute joy. Have you seen me style the bracelet in the post, “how to style a brown linen gown for spring?”