Ivvy and Liv Pyjamas

Dear readers, I hope you’re good and having a good year so far. I am wearing a floral Pyjamas in todays post that was gifted to me by Izzy and Liv brand. But before we get into the details of todays fit, let’s talk about last month.

Caveat: This post contains gifted content. 

I don’t know what I thought my year would look like, but January started out hazy, because I couldn’t discipline myself with my time. Things are looking looking up now, and maybe it’s the optimism of spring. I got fresh flowers recently and I am simply reminded that vain or mundane things can spark joy. 

Also, I started two books at the same time last month, and despite how slow I have become in completing them, I am also giving myself Grace because *adulting. With books you have to be intentional because the incentive for completion is largely personal. 

This year, I have a target to finish all Toni Morrison’s published books. In these photo, I  am reading “songs of Solomon.” And you can read some quotes from good reads

A Floral Pyjamas Print

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I am PJ person and before the trend resurfaced last year, and became the “fashion girlies made it a fashion favorite for 2022, I had been a champion of styling it as streetwear. See my pj street wear here.  

Recently, Ivy and Liz brand reached out to collaborate on one of their many products. Ivy and Liz are “a lifestyle brand dedicated to celebrating black women and culture .” I went through a few products on their site and fell in love with a few things, like their candles and mesh. But I settled for the Pyjamas because I needed something floral for spring. 


I fell in love with pattern of the set and the pants has a pocket (to my surprise). Pockets in clothing brings joy but brands barely take that into consideration. I shared an unboxing video on my IG stories and y’all loved it. Fun fact, the brand is having a huge slash sale, so this is an app

Sometime last year, there was a surge in the  PJ fashion trend. The designs were different but driven mostly by the feather attachment to the hem of the sleepwear design. It evolved to print patterns with a few brands creating PJ capsule collections.

That said, I did a poll on if I should wear my PJ’s for Sunday brunch and more than 60% said yes. But I think I love my PJ set for bed and I am enjoying it so far.