Taylor Chip Cookies are a Nationwide Favorite – Here is Why

Taylor Chip
Taylor Chip Cookies

I finally got a taste of the much-raved about Taylor Chip cookies, and I get everyone’s excitement. Taylor Chip cookies are delightful, large, flavorful, tasteful cookies, that can be personalized and shipped nationwide within the US. I came across the brand recently, and you can tell they are doing something different by the excited faces of customers on the brand’s social media pages. I have always wanted to ask, “what’s the thrill?” seeing the picture, but I get it now, these are not your regular cookies.

I recently got some delivered to the house, and I have not stopped talking about them since the first bite. They are Gooey, fresh, with vegan and glutton free options for those with restrictive diets. Outside of the creative flavors and crunchiness of each cookie, the delivery timeline is impressive. I got mine 48hrs after I had placed my order.

Taylor Chip Cookies


But before we get into the details of today’s blog post, the brand was kind enough to give me a discount code of Grace15, and you get $15 off your first purchase through this link.

Taylor Chip Cookies

Gooey, creamy, and tasty is how I would define the half-dozen cookie flavors that got delivered by mail. Among my favorite was the “salted caramel pretzel” and “Oreos and cream.” Until I moved to the US, I never imagined cookies as a go-to snack for anything. But I have since realized, after my 5-year stay, that America has a strong cookie culture. For example, there are girls’ scout cookies that raise money by selling cookies. The proceeds go to projects that support the extra-curricular activities of young girls.

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TaylorChip currently has a cookie club with mouth-watering incentives, where members get deals to shop regular-priced cookies for less. So, when they reached out to me to try their cookies, I agreed because it was an opportunity to buy into the American cookie culture, and I was not disappointed. 

About Taylor Chip Cookies

We are all suckers for a good love story. So, when I saw that the brand started off by chance after the founders had “date nights disguised as baking sessions,” it melted my heart. The cookies can stay 4-days on the counter after purchase, 30-days in the fridge and 3-months in the freezer. Another cool thing is if you live in the US, the ships nationwide, and your cookies come packaged in a giftable, recyclable box.

Cookie Cake
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Valentines is around the corner and the brand offers customizable cookie cakes. Let me know if you would be making a purchase using the my promo discount code Grace15.