Hello beautiful people, this is my third year sharing my tips on sharing Valentine’s Day  as a single person see Here and Here. To those who have graduated from the singles league I say congratulations and those who are like me still strolling in their single-hood grab your glasses and let’s give a toast 🥂 to ourselves.



This is my first valentines in America and as y’all know or may not, this is the land where public display of affection isn’t a taboo and to a large extent people are faithful.
This year’s Valentine’s Day falls on a Wednesday isn’t the lord faithful (if it did on a weekend how can I console y’all) so as usual here is my top 10 tips for spending Valentine’s Day as a single person.
Write yourself a note to yourself get chocolates and feel loved: self love is the first step to appreciating love in general. I wrote myself a note this year and bought myself chocolate, these things are inexpensive but waking up to a present for yourself by yourself, makes you feel enough.
Get a dating app: I am not one to advocate for dating apps, but new culture tends to rub off on you in ways that go unnoticed. Find someone who fits your specks and I recommend Hinder (if you’re in the states). For my Nigerian people your youth group chats can be a way to kick things off.
Go out with associates: It’s Wednesday have a colleague, classmate to go out and have a brunch or dinner with. I think I highlighted this point last year, but I think it works when the person is reasonable. If you’re too uncomfortable make it a group outing and see how fun it can be.
Watch your favorite series or YouTube channel: I find it interesting to know that any form of art that entertains, tends to take away our ailing thoughts momentarily, and before you say jack it’s the 15th.
Do something productive and creative: while away time by working or completing a project, draft out a weekend schedule, DIY that jeans, shirt, book, room you’ve been longing to do. 
Don’t send your ex that text: it’s tempting but some doors are better left closed, especially when you know it’s for the right reason. Instead spend time revisiting your criteria for your next and be at peace with yourself knowing you made the right decision.
Sit down with your peers and find out if there’s anything to do differently to find you a bae: This may be funny but you can have a group conversation on what you think you’re missing in terms of communication, personal branding and networking.
You are not the problem: don’t trick yourself to believing you may be the issue at least not on Valentine’s Day. Make a list of things you love about yourself and remember bad situations God has saved you from.
Wear red and feel loved: People tend to wear red on Val’s day, don’t be left out. Look your best, who knows what blessing awaits you.
Jesus loves you so he needs you to love on someone too: what is Valentine’s Day without remembering the love of Jesus and someone else needs to feel that love too. Make people feel loved; from family, friends to the less privileged 
What other ideas do y’all have I want to hear it.
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  1. Joy Ubani
    February 12, 2018 / 3:18 pm

    Love your outfits! And yes to these tips! I'm one for buying treats for myself. I especially love your last time: love ya neighbor! Happy Valentines Day, Grace!

  2. Princess Audu
    February 12, 2018 / 4:20 pm

    My tip, go to church, focus on God and being the best version of yourself so that when bae comes, you're ready. Now that last point about God's love can not be overstated. Happy Valentines Day Grace. According to your desire, this will be your last one as a single lady.

    Princess Audu

    • Grace Alex
      February 12, 2018 / 10:08 pm

      Amen oh, thank you Sarah!!