Spring Edit: How to Style a Green Silk Vintage Dress

I am styling my dream color of vintage green dress today and it’s silk. Honestly, let’s ignore my hair for a second because I could have come up with a better look. I’ve taunted often on the blog that blue is my favorite color, see me in a blue Dorothy Perkins heels and styling a blue monochrome outfit . But I’ve realized recently that there are more pictures of me in green outfits than my favorite color, blue.

I wrote a few years ago, about being unfamiliar with green color in an “eco-friendly” post and later about green pastels here. As years have progressed, I’ve found myself in more greens like in this monochrome green look, and here also. All these linked post to say that I actually love green than I’m willing to admit and todays post is another reminder of it.

Styling a Silk Green Dress:

According to a SewPort publication, silk fabric remains one of the strongest fabric made through natural processes. Well, if I didn’t read up on that, silk in its physical property looks frail and isn’t the top fabric on my mind for strongest. But I love me a silk fabric, because under certain light conditions, it produces a shimmering effect that makes one feel luxurious.

Also, because of its lightness, silk is an easy fabric to carry along on a trip and also a great choice for an event. But real silk can be an expensive material to purchase. For example, these items on my spring wishlist, the Martin Grant green silk blouse goes for $1,695 and Dodo Bar Or Berna belted draped silk-satin midi dress is priced at $1,170.

There are affordable brands to purchase a green silk dress from that looks flattering. See Yesstyle scrappy silk A-line dress for $25.30 or the Asos satin midi dress selling at $45.55.


Green goes with everything and it’s a color that you can barely go wrong with. However, if a garment has over the top embellishment, it’s safer to keep your accessories minimal and subtle as possible. It’s also easy to slip into a holiday look with green, when it’s not your desired way to appear.

I styled mine with my Jimmy Choo pump heels (spring favorite from my shoe collection ), a lovely green earring, and black purse to finish off the look. I’ve added additional looks with a shimmery purse from the New York Met Museum and Chio open toe mules.

Do you love silk and what is your favorite color?