What to Know: Details On Summer Press On Nails

Fun fact, before writing this post, I was ranting it to someone about the need to put this up, and they go, “you’re really writing about nails?” And my expression was like heck yea!

Sometime in January, I was bored and decided within myself to try out press on nails with colorful tips. It was not the first time I was fixing one. A year back, I had walked into a local African store looking for eye pencils ✏️ and stumbled upon these set of press-on nails, and I decided to get them because Dimmah Umeh, a popular YouTuber had posted about it .

I used them for my birthday but didn’t like the overall experience. They were cute for photos I took, but the glue used to stick the nails left damaging traits

Let me digress 

When I started my blog a decade ago, I would write about everything and anything. See here and here. I had a segments to write on “Details about my Hair.”

To be fair, I was more intentional about creating content and without caution. But things seem to have changed a lot since then. Now content creating has a different technical aspect to it, and that has created unnecessary pressure.

Outside of the technicality required of blogs,  social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, there is also the fading of readership.

But I’m still part of a community of dedicated blog readers that love the simple and carefree way people create content. And I am bringing back some of my favorite things to write about.

So when I decide to write content like this, I take solace in the idea that my blog started as an open diary. An idea that keeps me putting content here ever when blog readership seems to obliterate.

Although, I still think people read blogs and if the topic is interesting enough, they’ll comment on it.

Back to details about my Press On nails.

I found these press on nails on Aliexpress, for less than $5, and a year after my last experience, I told myself to give them another try. It was worth it! When they arrived, they were the right shade of purple as I had seen on the website, lightweight and had a great glue for perfect finish.

You can read more on how to shop on Aliexpress here. It may not be good writing but you’ll get the drill about shopping on the platform.

I posted photos of the nails a while ago on my IG and promised to write a blog post on them. And like everything lately, they’ve taken time to go up, but I have kept my promise of writing about them.

Choosing Press On Nails

Outside the easy to fix element of press on nails, they’re also very affordable. In February of this year, I went to fix my nails and the price for such a horrible job done, let me embittered for a long time. Plus the time it took for the lady to do such a shabby job was not worth it.

So, on nails are not only affordable, there are a wide range of colors and cuts, that serve many purposes.

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