P.S this post was from a draft in 2015 (how time flies)
Hello Everyone, the reason why people cook vary, some have jobs that
require them to, others have a spouse or family that makes them to, and
well others like me cook because, we love to eat! simple.

in my clime, cooking is almost essentially excluded to the women and some would argue, that they need to as they have proper managerial skills to manage the kitchen, but then I give this advice
if you have mouth and would love to eat then know how to cook or at least fry (in my Nigerian accent), it gives you the sole opportunity to eat whatever you want, how you want it and when. 
nothing more satisfying than that!
I made this egusi soup and pounded yam, because that was what I felt like having, I love how the color of the soup came out, I would post a link below for the Recipe 


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  1. Demilade
    July 11, 2017 / 9:08 am

    Grace the soup looks so yummy, I haven't had egusi in a while. I agree, if you love to eat then it's better to know how to cook. xx
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