5 Habits That have Improved my Chances at Success.

Having a healthy habit is important for whatever we define as success. And as we become aware of what it takes to be an adult, we map out habits that can help us to achieve goals we have set for ourselves. In today’s post I share 5-habits that I have deliberately cultivated recently that has helped in improving my chances at success.

A lot of you reading this may already be familiar with the book Atomic Habits by James Clear but if you are not, I advice that it is a brilliant book to read. To sound like a broken record, the book maps out importance of building little habits that have compound effect. That is why I recommend it as a good book to start with for understanding how consistent routines can create successful habits.

Oftentimes when people speak about habits for successful people, they barely highlight the role community plays in it, and as humans we don’t exist in silos. In writing this post, I shed light on how embracing the impact of my community has become a recent conscious habit to practice. I hope you find this post helpful.


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Up-skilling for the Right time:

The pandemic forced me into the habit of up-skilling. At the start of COVID-19, I was in a tough place and I was eager for positive change. I realized that the only way that was going to happen was if I got the necessary skills and experience to get change my life at the time. After mapping out what skills I needed and the type of change that felt satisfactory, I decided to hone in on them. I documented a bit of that experience in my medium post on 2020 in retrospect.

Up-skilling- when you have no immediate need for it, increases your chances at success when the need arises. In the last year, I have mastered public speaking, improved my writing, and cultivated a stronger network. These three skills among others have positioned me to be an efficient thought leader in my field of work.

A Habit of Reading Wide and Intentionally

I have made reading an intentional effort as other interest I enjoy. My writing, attention span, and coherence when speaking had gotten so bad over the years, that I needed to go back to the drawing board. Except you consider it an essential part of your growth process, it can be hard to create a routine. There is also the balance of what to read and how relevant is the reading material to your growth. So, I usually split my time between books and articles- books are usually non-fiction to improve my vocabulary, while articles I curate are for professional growth. See an example here

During the pandemic, I had more time to write book reviews, for example, I wrote a review on Bell Hooks “Communion,” and other professionally related articles. I found out that reading was not enough, but learning how to present my thoughts in a manner that was receptacle was something I needed to strive to achieve. I am getting there.

We live in a world that is constantly asking that people shed their community and live independently- and I believe that is a very dangerous narrative.

Grace Alex

Deep Work

Deep work is very essential to making any significant progress related to a particular task. I am not proud to say that I have a distraction syndrome that reaches its peak when I am active on social media. I have practiced creating a routine where I cancel out all noise (switching off my mobile devices and timing myself) to be productive. Like James Clear’s “Atomic Habits,” Cal Newports “Deep Work” is an important read for understanding how to navigate deep work. It is on my re-read list this year.

Sharing my Problem and Asking for Help

I have learned that having my problem shared gets it half solved because people are always willing to be of help. We live in a world that is constantly asking that people shed their community and live independently- and I believe that is a very dangerous narrative.

Every time I have found myself stuck, I let go of the ego and reach out. And oftentimes more than not, I have found peoples help pivotal in addressing any horrid or challenging circumstance. There has also been pushback against the independent narrative lately, and I am here for it.

Keeping an Open Mind When Listening to Advice

I consider myself as someone who has a very stoic stance on particular issues. But I have grown into the habit of taking feedback and implementing people’s advice. In my assessment of myself, I have found out that most advice given to me by people who care about me are often relevant and successful tools.

I am lucky to say so because I have people in my network who are well experienced in areas I a request their input, and have my best interest at heart. It is also important that I keep an open mind when listening to any advice given. And as new fact presents itself to my rigid views, I open myself up to change.

I realized while I did this sort of writing on this blog, I am also building a healthy habit about the content I share. If you would love to see more of this kind of post, please comment below and don’t forget to share and tag me.



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    while surfing, I just got a hold on your blog and I am loving it so for. You are doing a great work. It is full of knowledge and entertainment. I am gonna adopt some of these habits and increase my chances of success because that’s what we all need.

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    Thank you so much for sharing this. It is very informative and inspiring and I am most definitely going to adopt some lessons. Also I admire your determination and your goal getting spirit. Your post makes everything so achievable. Thank you