3 Ways to Style a Yellow 2-Piece Women Suit

Similar Cashmere Crew neck sweater | High Waist Straight Leg Pants | Fitted Blazer | Similar Green Razor Bag | Similar Earring | Similar Strap Heels


Excited to be styling a 2-piece women suit in a favorite color for spring. Yellow is a very spring-like color, so its no co-incidence that I have found many instances of me styling yellow at around the same time of the year. The 2-piece suit is a re-popularized trend for 2022, this time with the bottom more like a dress pant than the straight-leg pant that we are used to.

In today’s post, I am styling a vintage 1960’s pant from “The Villager,” a mustard jacket and a cashmere sweater top. The thing I love about a good two piece is the versatility that allows you experiment with looks either by styling it in a chic or casual way.

For this 2-piece I have decided to go in all possible directions and show how to style a 2-piece suit.

How To Style a Yellow 2-piece suit

Monochrome Styling

Obviously the first styling choice is to wear the piece as originally bought. I decided to layer it with a cashmere sweater of a similar shade, and earring to match. I opted for some bright neon green from Asos that had other contrasting colors attached to it.

The monochrome look is a very chic way to styling a 2-piece and you step out looking confident because you are not altering the look from it’s original form.

Styling the Pants over a Fun Jumper

Whenever I get the opportunity to style a dress pant, my usual default is usually to pick a jumper with a cartoon graphic design on it. Today’s look is not an exception either, I opted for a sweater with a Looney Tunes character. Looney Tunes is an old cartoon that came as a default content on one of my parents phone a long-time ago. So, this was a nostalgic choice and I was only able to get it in an extra-large kids size.

Styling the Blazer with Leather Shorts

Blazers and shorts always make a good fun combo, and I have seen myself leaning into the funky, street look. It doesn’t have to be a leather shorts, but I thought a leather short in a contrasting color will make the look eye-catchy. It worked well with this boot Urban Outfitters boots.



Winnie the Pooh Jumper | Paola Faux Leather Shorts | Lark Faux Leather Bag | Similar Vagabond Boots

The thing I love about fashion is that you get to re-invent yourself in different ways by looking the right part. I love how each of this look encapsulates my personality and my style. If you enjoyed this post leave a comment below and share this post with your network. Also, which look is your favorite?


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  1. June 7, 2022 / 7:52 pm

    wow! this is so impressive. I have the same blazer in mustard and I just feel like I am so dumb because I just worn it once and now it is resting in my closet. Thank you sharing these ideas with us. One outfit can be worn with several things. so thoughtful.