5 Things I am Thankful For & How to Style a Crop Blazer

Hey loves it is a few days to America’s thanksgiving, which is a holiday that is celebrated in earnest. There are a couple of things I am grateful for this year, including mental and financial stability, friendship, and growth in the tiniest of habits.

Also, I mentioned on my Instagram page  that I am particularly thankful for the active community that I have here and the privilege I have had due to your constant support.


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So here are 5 additional things I am thankful for this year.

Thankful for the friends that put up with the granular details of our lives, where pitfalls and peak moments are dawned with wine and laughter.

5 Things I am Thankful For


Oh boy, I have stalled on writing about how thankful I am for good health. A usual cliche that we often banter about, is that we take our good health for granted. However, this year I reflected a lot on how much am saving by being relatively healthy. Anyone who has lived in America for long can testify that the price for healthcare in the country is exponential.
 The moment of truth hit me recently when I stumbled on a thread of people sharing their personal experience with the US healthcare system. The stories where mind tugging and I sat down to to say a little thank you.  Prior to getting an insurance health coverage with my job, I realized that I could have racked up some expensive bills had anything happened to me.
So, I am thankful for the ability to use my sensory glands to smell, see, and appreciate taste- and for mobility without aid. These capabilities I didn’t appreciate much until I saw videos of how COVID-19 has robbed people of their sensory glands and  I was taken aback.

A Place to call Home:

It is the little things, like the ability to have a roof over my head and the ability to pay for it. I have reflected a bit on my journey in this country, and there was a thanksgiving where I lived in a room that was so cold and I could barely afford a heater. Thankfully, I can afford a better place now with regulated temperature, and other comfortable furnishings. For this little growth I am thankful.
Here is a first stanza of C.H Seow poem, which I love
A place to be loved 
A place to put things to a rest 
A place to call a shelter… 


I am really thankful for the kins I get to call family. Sometimes family get on our nerves, are usually indifferent to our plight, or sometimes overbearing. But when it comes to the crust of things and we remember the memories we have shared with them, our heart feels light. I am thankful for my family who are there through the little and grand moments.


I write a lot about friendship and rightly so, see here, because my life is filled with amazing men and women who keep to their word. I could write endlessly about the unique individual gifts of my friends and how they have served me and me them in various ways. Thankful for the friends that put up with the granular details of our lives, where pitfalls and peak moments are dawned with wine and laughter.
Shout out to Awele though, every year you make me thankful for you even more.

Job Stability:

Simply put, I am so blessed to have a job that covers my bills, and other externalities and the little overindulgence that goes on in my life. I have seen the other side of what it is like to be unemployed and it is not an experience that I would wish on anyone. So, I am thankful for work and the projects I get to execute with an amazing team, supervisor and a job that is stable enough to cover my basic needs.