Best Place To Eat in DC: 1310 Kitchen and Bar

Today, I will be shinning my spotlight on one of the best place to eat while in DC. The 1310 Kitchen and Bar is a must-visit for any first-timer in DC. With an interactive online menu and a great ambiance, you are definitely promised good food and a good time.

The last time I featured one of my favorite places to eat was in a July 4th blogpost. So, I want to make this a periodic thing since I have a few favorite places that I love to eat from.

First off, I would not have discovered this amazing and lovely spot were it not for a booking mishap. I had scheduled to have brunch at a French restaurant but could not make it to their wait list. You should know one thing that restaurants at Georgetown, DC are fully booked most weekends.

While still stressing about my clumsiness and lack of planning, since the brunch was planned for 5 people, I had to quickly come up with a solution.

I used google maps to trace the closest brunch serving restaurant on the same street and thankfully there was one. To clarify, I had to book online and there was only one spot that was left for brunch and that was really a miracle.

There are very few times this year, that I can vaguely recall, where a poorly managed situation from my end worked out my greater good.

So, finally the rest of the team arrived and we got served by a server lets call him *Fernando, because I am so bad with names and I did not get permission to post anyone’s name online. That said, he was so patient with us and our shenanigans.

Let’s review the menu and what my/our experience was like, and this is not an AD!


When I walked in, I did not know what to expect, except that the restaurant was filled to capacity and I knew that would only be possible because they had a good menu. I started out with the a chicken burger from their brunch menu which is a staple choice and I know restaurants here barely get wrong.
However, after tasting someone’s French toast order, I ordered one for myself, and I will say this, the french toast and it is one of the tastiest things I have had in recent times outside a cheese lamb gnocchi.
The rest of the table placed different orders for items on the menu and it arrived, the taste was so good we all ordered an additional plate, mind you we were 5. And if each of us ordered 2-3 items from the menu, you bet it was good (it was)!


The ambiance was one of my favorite things about the restaurant, it felt vintage and modern, with silent Jazz sounds echoing from speakers in the background, and there were photo frames of two of my favorite female singers, Nina Simone and Amy Winehouse. We got a great sitting arrangement that fit the whole family.


For the service we received, 1310 Kitchen and Bar deserves a 5 star. We were a bit late in ordering our service and the kitchen was patient with us taking our additional orders. The server came back to check if we were doing alright every other min, and we learned a little about him and his family. I love it when people try to bring a human connection to their service. Everyone in the family loved him!
Our price came a little above $340 and had to give additional tips to our server because he was too good. The men on our table covered the bill and I was so thankful. Shoutout to the good men picking up the bills.


The overall experience was memorable and everyone at the table mentioned that they had a good time. I would give them a good 5-star, which is a hard rating to give out from me because I have high standards when it comes to food. In the end, I was thankful my former restaurant plan fell through, because how would I have known to visit this place?
I do hope y’all visit them and if you do write to me about your experience.