“A Simple Denim Rule For 2021 Fashion Trends”

Denim is one fashion piece that can be easily found in anyones wardrobe regardless of economic status. It is also easy to style and there are no much rules on how to wear them. For 2021 fashion trends, I will share a simple denim rule that I stick to when in doubt. I love a good denim and I have styled them in a couple of ways, see “denim revival” and “a simple denim rule.”

I mean even Levi’s realized that. Just last week I collaborated with them on their recently opened store at Arlington, Fashion Center Pentagon City. I was allowed to take home two Levi’s ribcage denims from their recently launched collection. Excited much!

But this post is not about the collaboration but more about a simple rule I apply when choosing denim products. Actually, there are a couple of things I look out for, from color shades, to the button or zip pattern, but they are not as important than this next rule.

When choosing a denim, I automatically ask myself, how would my white t-shirt look with this? I realized this was a pattern after seeing several photos of me in a repeated denim styling pattern.

Denim High Waisted Shorts Trend

A few images to inspire how next you style your denim high-waisted shorts.