Summer Fashion: How to Style a Sheer Black Skirt

I am experimenting with my style for summer by leaning into pieces that I’m known for. In today’s post, I am styling a black sheer skirt but also pointing out some flaws.

Writing this for fashion beginners who are looking to experiment with their style this summer. First, I sometimes start out with a mood board or pins when I find looks that I am interested in.

There is no shame in learning the ropes from others. Once in a while, when I’m unsure of how an item will look on me, I go on Pinterest or look up some of my faves for they have styled it.

Styling A Sheer Black Skirt

Styling a sheer skirt or sheer fashion piece can be tricky, however, if you get it right, the outcome is amazing. For this sheer look, I had made the mistake of wearing a white top that is visible on the outside. The right thing to do when styling a sheer piece, is to wear similar color shades, for the outfit to blend seamlessly.

Another way, I could have styled this, was to wear a black underwear and a fitted top, that stops nicely at the top hem of the skirt.

During my draft of this post, I also felt wearing an asymmetrical blouse that runs down to the mid-hip. I’ll try it out and let y’all know the result. But I did try to redeem myself by styling the skirt in two different ways, see below.

What are your thoughts on today’s look?

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