All that Glitters is Gold: Holiday Fashion Diary

In fashion all that glitters is gold because no one is “checking like that.” Today’s fashion diary post is about sequins, embellishments, glitters and all that makes makes fashion flurry. You might have noticed bling being the most used buzzed word in fashion and it’s for a reason.

All that glitters is gold

Earlier this year, I wore the above photo for a post-birthday dinner and shared on instagram and the feedback was outstanding. And as you can see in the photo, I have a blinged out bag, a blinged out shoe and a sequin top. In 2019, I wore a cheaper version of sequins and it is one of my highest engagement for a birthday post. And it got me thinking about glittery things and how it is often a marker for being rich or wealthy regardless of it is real or fake.


All that glitters is gold

So, I want to focus today on sequins which are the most accessible blinged out fashion item anyone can get their hands on.

Fun Facts about Sequins

I found out while writing this post a few fun facts about Sequins. One was drawing the analogy that sequins can be traced to nomadic cultures who often attached their wealth (coins) to clothes, and it totally made sense. Although the word sequin is now French, it originated from the Arabic word sikka, meaning “coin,” and in the late 16th century morphed into the French word, “sequin.”

The first citing of sequins was in Egypt, when the tomb of a pharaoh was unearthed in Tutankhamen, revealing splendid garments embellished with tiny disks made of pure gold. Since then, sequins have gone to be widely adopted in films, art, and costumes making them popular.

But what is fashion without a bit of war dazzle? If you read the first submission to this series, I shared that the introduction of turtle necks where to protect soldiers at war fronts. Well, sequins were adopted in 14th-century South America, by chiefs who adorned gold sequins on their battle gear to make their impressive war maneuvers sparkle, “turning the battlefield into a great gleam of light.”

Nothing has made me laugh harder, but it these fun facts were indeed fun to read about.

All that Glitters is Gold

A few years ago if anyone had given me the choice to select sequins as a fashion piece, I would have given you a wry glance. Although, it was not entirely my fault, the sequins people wore were clownish and not the best quality. However, things have changed since then and I am now a sequin girl. More than a sequin girl, I enjoy all things that glitter, as you can see in the below image.

All that glitters is gold

Last year, I wore sequin for a campaign and it made me realize that I have been missing something all along. Since then, I have actively found ways to incorporate sequins or things that shine in general to my wardrobe. Sequins with the right material has a way of making anyone feel like the star in the room, and not only do you feel it others do too.

The Future of Sequins

With the re-emergence of sequins in the fashion world, 2023 is definitely a year people will see more of it. Brands have understood the dynamics at play and everything with a bit of shimmer has gotten really expensive. And as I mentioned all that glitters is gold in the fashion world and it does not matter if it is real or fake. People in general have the bias for anything that glitters and I trust we would not be seeing the last of it, despite the reservations of many about sequins that come with cheap fashion.

I enjoy writing post like this one that is chilled and layback. Did you enjoy this post, let me know what your thoughts are by tagging me. Writing to me is therapeutic and I love when I am able to capture my thoughts in a written or scripted format. To follow more of my content, check out my latest YouTube Video and follow my IG

Till next edition on holiday fashion. Xoxo



  1. Unaz_Irene
    December 13, 2022 / 4:01 pm

    I didn’t love sequin while I was growing up too cos i feel it itches on the body …but now I have gotten wiser and known that this sequin brings a lot out in fashion even as it glitters. I am a big fan of Sequin now😂❤️

    • talk2pitchy
      December 17, 2022 / 7:39 pm

      Thank you for reading the blog. And I totally agree, I am also such a huge fan of sequin now its amazing and I love that it makes me feel special.