Memories at Teaism & How To Style A Levi's Sweater Vest

Levi’s Vest

Last weekend I wore one of my favorite Levi’s clothing (a sweater vest) to grab tea with someone I have no intention of meeting again. But let me also note that last week was interesting. I had lovely dinner dates with old acquaintances, and then there was the Teaism date- the one person that ruined it all.

First, there is something about catching up with old friends that rejuvenates. These friends remind us of our greatness, beauty and talent. And the past week was replete with such memories. At some point during the whole experience, I felt 23 again.

Why 23? Because 23 was one of my best years. Nothing at the moment seemed impossible, and life was fulfilling and content.


Teaism Memories

So back to Teasim and why that memory stood out. I decided recently to start dating for character development. America is a land filled with unique people, and most people seem to treat you like their past traumas. The only good thing that came out of the date was having tea at Teaism.

Teaism is a tea spot in DC with traditional loose leave flavors. I love this spot at Dupont circle because of its indoor vintage ambience. The teacups did not have handles and it felt nostalgic- If you are a fan of Asian historical movies, you’ll find out that their traditional teacups are without handles.

I ordered a Jasmin flower tea, which is my favorite tea delight.

Styling a Levi’s Sweater Vest

My outfit was a quick decision. I have worn my Levi’s vest consecutively in the past week. I love the soft feel and how it seems to go well with everything I pair it with.