How to style a linen brown gown for Spring

It’s been a while I did an outfit blog post. Today, I’m styling my favorite shade of brown, in linen. I purchased this dress as part of a spring fashion inspiration series.

A few years ago on the blog I had a consistent series called “what I wore” series, where I shared daily updates on my outfits- it was a favorite section for my blog readers and had the best engagement. As part of my attempt to revamp my blog this year, I am revisiting these segments and including more features like my favorite places to eat in my city, lookbooks, brand feature, and an occasional sit-down with my favorite bloggers.

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Linen fabric is a favorite fashion staple for various reasons- it is easy on the skin, light weight, heat absorbent, to mention a few. Recently, my fashion purchases have been intentional and limited to linen materials alone as I transition in my style.

I am styling a linen gown from Coldwater Creek– I found out recently, that the brand had closed completely at the peak of the global health crisis last year. Thankfully, they’re back to taking orders and you can purchase products from their store from the tagged link.

Scarf It Up: Switch up a basic linen gown by adding a scarf accessory to chic things up.

Chunky Heel Mules: Big bold heels are a very retro way of looking chic, and the platform makes it a comfortable shoe choice. Also an easy look to fall back on without trying too hard. I loved pairing this dress with my Billy Reid Mules.

Belt it: I would love to write more about belts on my blog this year, considering the amount of belts I’ve accumulated over the years. Belts are a girls best friend, you can trust them to deliver you from a fashion fail anyday.


Open toe heels: Although open toe mules aren’t top of my favorite shoe design, there is no denying that sometimes they look flattering when paired with a nice outfit. I loved pairing this dress with my Asos black mules with the dress, they gave a different modern spin to the outfit.

Colorful Bracelet Accessory: It’s no new fact that accessories are quick ways to spicing up your look. Particularly, colorful accessories go well with earth tone colors like brown. These colorful bracelets from Ubuntu life and Colorful purse, were a great choice to spice up the look.

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