Summer: Escaping Life in The City and Embracing Solitude

Summer has come and gone with the same vim of harmattan breeze, but most of the memories from this year’s vacation will stay with me forever. For the first time in a while, I could afford to plan a summer holiday with fewer worries.

A few summers ago, I had to worry about grad tuition, a summer job (that I never got). And the summer after that, I had to worry about getting a real job. So, I couldn’t bask in summer joy as most people would! Everything was still, but my heart was troubled.

There are a plethora of reasons why people travel. So, when I decided to plan for vacation this year, I thought it wise to escape to a quiet place. You know, I did not want it to be lavish or loud, neither did I want to travel for the gram. I just wanted quiet!

But that is not to say that any of the ways (mentioned above) for sharing or relishing travel experience(s) is improper. It’s just that I am learning to experience things and recant them numerous times in memory before sharing them publicly.

The Journey

For this summer travel, I decided to go to a quiet place to rediscover things about myself that are known and uncover strange things. I wanted to sit with myself in quiet, listen to trees whistle, laugh at my thoughts, and enjoy solitude. The city does not allow for the exciting experience of solitude.

Cities are often loud, filled with prying eyes, and an opulence that reminds us of our wants, with little space to be thankful.

Embracing Solitude

I decided to take the train down South of the United States, the Grand Budapest way, and my goodness- it is one of my best trips. I wasn’t privy to the general knowledge that Amtrak was comfortable. The ride was quiet, had good leg space, and a dining room for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Thankfully, I could secure an Airbnb in a safe village, with verdant farmland, closer in proximity to the city. I was surprised (actually happy) not to see children and would hear the revving of a car engine every few hours.

I was content!

Also, reminded that outside of the city, in a rural setting, is a life outside of my daily wants. The natural things of life creep up in dreams- love, books, friendship, family. At that moment, the world feels small, but there is contentment.

To be continued…

Outfit Details

Linen Pants: Glassons

Shirt: Korean Brand (Everyday people)

Sandals: Gafasandals

Tote Bag: Similar here