Holiday Chronicles: Spending my 5th Christmas in Reflection

Away from home for the 5th year in a row I spent my Christmas in reflection, dripped in purple shorts and a similar colored top. Underneath the shorts are a pair of embellished leggings which I have flaunted ever since I got them. The holiday celebration this year reminded me of why adulting is beautiful. I get to decide how I spend my time, people call it making holiday traditions, and maybe I just figured mine out. A holiday tradition where I get to reflect, dance, and watch corny love movies (e.g., “Home Alone” and the Korean sereis “Goblin).



The funny part of my holiday experience is that I dreaded being alone so much, only for it to turn out perfectly fine. The sun was out in full swing on Christmas day. The previous day, I had spent time moaning of the possibility of it being cloudy. If anything, winter did surprise us this year- it was brutish at first (with the weather dropping to minus degrees), and suddenly it felt like spring.

Reflecting about Christmas

A sentiment that echoed consistently online this holiday season was the idea that Christmas no longer sparked childlike joy. So, as I sat through Christmas reflecting, I thought of what made Christmas fun and nostalgic for me as a child. I didn’t grow up in a middle-class family- I grew up poor, with a father who strived hard to provide the best for his family. But I remember that whenever our financial situation improved, we could anticipate the little things for Christmas.

For example, my dad bringing back a life chicken or preparing “ofe achi,” our local soup, with my mum to take to my uncle. In addition, to the exctiment my siblings and I experienced from fitting our oversized holiday outfits on the eve of Christmas.

Our Church provided tickets to an amusement park, and it was the only we had the opportunity to visit such a flamboyant place. Then we visited our very wealthy uncle who gave us cash at the end of our visit. Recalling the above mentioned memories which I looked forward to during the holiday season, was fun. I had a somber moment of reflection because as much as the recalled memories made me excited, I definitely did not want to relieve the traumas of being poor.


Childhood Nostalgia

I am glad to afford a lot of things I could not as a child. So after reflecting, I breathed a huge sigh of relief. I empathize with people who want to relieve the nostalgia of Christmas, but I love what the holiday season represent to me now as an adult. I stand up from my couch, lift my eyes and thank my Chi. Afterwards, I opened my refrigerator pulled out a bowl of frozen egusi soup filled with goat meat and fish. The aroma of the soup in th oven provides comfort, followed by the wave of nostalgia- it catapults me back to my mother’s prudent efforts during the holiday season.

By this time next year, I might be spending the holiday season with my family again, staying grounded but terrorizing them with stories from my five years absence. I know I will exaggerate a lot of my tales of loneliness, sprinkled with dramatic flare, so my parents can look at me with so much pride.

Looking Ahead

2023 is already here. Although not slacking in my new year’s plans, my progress could be better, but they delayed by a heavy burden that I cannot name. Hence, I am not proud of the progress made one week into my resolution. But I am trying not to be too hard on myself either- 2022 was such a tough year that my body has settled into a form of rest that it will take a lot of consistent pressure to spring it back to alertness that is profitable.

One thing, I am definitely working on making my blog a profitable platform. It’s been 11 years of bootstrapping it, and I want to see it generate revenue. So I hope you all read and share and use the affiliate links provided to support.

Have a wonderful year ahead.


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  1. January 21, 2023 / 4:46 am

    The stockings are so hot! I used to have a pair of boots with the same style!