Female Fashion Trends 2022 to Inspire You

Credit: https://www.vogue.co.uk/fashion/gallery/spring-summer-2021-fashion-trends

These are the 2022 spring and summer fashion trends to look out for when shopping for your wardrobe. Fashion Week is here again and this time of the year fashion enthusiast like myself, note trends that translate easily into street style or seamlessly fit into our wardrobes. 

After long nights of acting aloof and other unforeseen contingencies this post got delayed. But February is also a great time to share fashion trends, as it fits nicely into Fashion Week. Hence, it is not too late in the year so share a few trends for spring and summer of 2022.

Let’s dive right in. Fashion week, this year, is raking in more points and might be the first time in a while that brands shift their aesthetic from fashion gauche to more creatively appealing pieces.

A few years ago, fashion bloggers like myself were enthusiastic about writing on fashion trends. But like Catholic nuns, when everyone showed up in the same cut and style from different designers, everything became nauseating. People blamed it on the rise of Instagram influencers. 

However, I have held hope for the industry and highlighted a few worthy trends year in and out. See here and here. 

But it is exciting to see brands revisit bold and bright colors, striking silhouettes, and patterns that initially lured curious minds into the fashion world.  

Fashion bloggers honed in on writing about trends to increase readership. Speaking of which, one of my favorite fashion commentators, Londongirlinnyc, shared this long but poignant writing that highlights some fascinating changes within the fashion industry.   

The article emphasises that things won’t be the same again, but I believe that brands can inch towards normalcy by creating designs that tugged at our hearts in the first place. 

 So, in today’s post, I will share a few trends to look out for this year. From unique cuts, grandeur accessories, the re-emergence of the color orange, and bold prints strutting the runways. Here are my favorite fashion picks for 2022.

Spring and Summer Favorite Fashion Picks for 2022

Spring, Summer 2022 Fashion Trends to Look out for

Quilted Pattern

Excited that I didn’t write off this texture. Most people are familiar with quilted patterns on duvets and bed coverings. And when ASAP Rocky ignored all fashion rules to style a quilt covering for his Met Gala appearance, I have paid more attention. 

Quilts textures are not revolutionary. They also have never been out of style. But more brands are breathing new life into quilted clothing, and I am paying attention.

 I found a lovely quilted skirt, which I intend to revisit as often as I can this year. And when I can, add a quilt jacket and pants to my collection. 


The “Heavy Gold Accessorizing” Trend

Schiaparelli Couture

Schiaparelli may have set the trend for heavy accessorising. The brand took couture to a new level with their recent presentation documented by Vogue. As with most fresh ideas, I suspect the trend will be replicated in varied ways by other fashion brands. 


Prints and Bold Cuts

Spring, Summer 2022 Fashion Trends to Look out for
Culled from: https://www.thezoereport.com/fashion/new-york-fashion-week-fall-2022-details

There is a slight shift from a plain linen-like aesthetic to more fresh and fun patterns. 



Spring, Summer 2022 Fashion Trends to Look out for

There will be no shortage of glitters this year. I predict it will find its way to the minutest wardrobe detail, and by that, I mean scarves too. 


Fashion Pleats

Spring, Summer 2022 Fashion Trends to Look out for
Issey Miyake

Fashion Pleats designs will be a rave this year: A look that crept up towards the end of last year but is a trend off, Issey Miyake’s Pleats Please collections.


Orange is the color trend for the year:

Spring, Summer 2022 Fashion Trends to Look out for
Proenza Schouler Proenza Schouler SS22 Courtesy of Proenza Schouler

There will be lots of exploring bold colors this year, and orange seems to lead the pack. A few fashion enthusiasts have pointed out green too, and I agree with their observation.


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