Fashion Update: How to Prepare For Spring Style in 2021

There are two (2) months to endure winter before spring arrives, and I very am excited. I cannot wait for spring, for the gentle tap of raindrops and the distant aroma that follows the wind. I thought Washington, DC had a beautiful weather for winter, this week happened, with heavy snowfall and gloomy weather.

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As with spring water, spring season is refreshing!

But that said, I cannot wait for winter to be over. One exciting habit I look forward to performing in preparation for spring, is decluttering for a fresh perspective, and adding fresh colors to my wardrobe. As with spring water, spring season is refreshing!

Wardrobe Compartment on IKEA


It may seem too early or much of an undertaking to prepare for spring but there are benefits. So here are five (5) ways I prepare my wardrobe for spring that may be of help to you.

Take away the heavy stuff: At this time, I start by putting away my heavy jackets, scarves, boots and thick wool materials or find ways to donate them. In clearing out the heavy stuff from your wardrobe, you create more room in your closet, not only for spring items but to redesign it with fresh eyes. However, I leave out  a light sweaters and leggings to layer during Spring, because spring isn’t the absence of cold.

Itemize important items to purchase: I usually create my purchase list of items to add to my closet or shelf (have and have not). For example, during spring, I tend to grab more white clothing including t-shirts, simple beach gowns and new shoes. It’s a habit I’ve formed over the years. See here! Also, I break the list into essentials and non-essentials, so I can prioritize products to purchase and split my budget across board.

Add Color: An exciting trait of spring, is the cool temperature and saturation that comes with the weather, which allows me to appreciate colors. During spring, I tend to appreciate bold colors like green, purple and red for no reason other than the flamboyance they bring to a fit. When shopping, these colors are top on my priorities list of my clothing choice for spring, see here

Re-arrange and organize wardrobe: I find it helpful to organize my wardrobe by seperating my clothes into a work-wear and casual-wear section. Sometimes, I do a color co-ordination of outfits browns category, blue category, and so on. Also, arranging your accessories in a glass show case will make it easier for you to sort and wear.

A glass showcase IKEA

Add an accessory to your wardrobe: Adding extra furnishings to your wardrobe, like a jewelry drawer, a mirror stand or other embellishment can add an uplift to your space and make it feel like spring.

For me, I think adding an extra drawer is what I’ll do this year. I’m still looking for other suggestions and I’ll love to hear from you.

How do you prepare for spring?