Another Year to Reclaim my Time

“Another year to reclaim my time.” Ever since old Mrs Maxine Waters blurted out the phrase during a heated US house hearing, it’s been one of my favorite lines to quote when a new path presents itself.

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Like an excited child, my birthday presents a new opportunity for me to reclaim my time by visiting items on my wishlist. Speaking of wishlist, I didn’t have time to create one this year, like I did last year. See “creating a wishlist for you.”

Last year for the first time I got everything I requested for on my wishlist. This year, I don’t have much to ask for just send me dollars on PayPal ([email protected]). But on a more serious note I am excited about aging.

Documenting Birthdays and Reclaiming my Time

I try every year to document my thoughts around my birthday, 🎂 whether my hand feels like it or not. See here. After much pondering on the trajectory of my year, I settled on the idea of ‘Time.’

I am particular about reclaiming my ‘time’ this year, because there are numerous ways I’ve lost my time in the past by allowing the melancholic energy that comes with the capitalist struggle rub off on me.

I didn’t realize how much of myself I had lost in transit and rebuilding my life in a hurry, until I I began to compare previous images of myself with new ones. And I realized that being in a constant state of struggle has rubbed me of the joy needed to thrive.

So as I wrote in my newsletter that went out this week, I am choosing to thrive amidst all uncertainty this year.  Reclaiming my time, exploring companionship, good food, the love of family and the pride of work is what I intend to bask in. 

A New Year to be World Class

In reclaiming my time this year, I will ensure that I dance in the most flamboyant dress, even when the music is faint and feels like slow rhymes, when the struggle drags long, I will hold myself down in joy and adjust my habits for self-care. 

Finally, people believe that with age comes wisdom and I say wisdom is profitable to direct. I hope that I permit myself to learn  what life teaches and grow in wisdom.

All of this writing to say to myself I made it to another year and I am here to reclaim my time