Lookbook: In my Son de Flor Sunday best Skirts

Dear Reader, happy Sunday. I am styling three (3) of my favorite Son De Flor skirts in today’s blog post and bringing back the popular “Sunday Best” blog genre. Some new readers may not be familiar with this, but those who have been around for my 11-year blogger journey would know that I used to have a segment called “Sunday Best” on my blog some 9-years ago, sharing the looks I wore to church. The Sunday best idea is a popular idiom that translates to the best clothes people wear on Sundays.  

I don’t think anyone outgrows Sunday Best, but I do think that the intensity with which we preserve the clothes we wear on Sundays wanes as we continue to age. A few years ago, my Sunday Best were outfits I wore strictly on Sunday, and you would never find me wearing them on any other day of the week. But lately, I have eased on the rules I placed on myself, and I wear my Sunday Best outfits for important events too, and then on a Sunday.


Skirt | Maxi Skirt |Similar Bag c/o | JW Pei Bag | Similar Heels | Boots | Heels| BeltTurtle Neck  

Son de Flor

If you are into a quaint lifestyle and conservative looks for your Sunday looks, then Son de Flor is the right brand for you. You might have heard of the brand several times on the blog- see How to Style Son de Flor Vintage Gown” and “How to Look Good this Christmas. The brand makes the best linen gowns popular under a Fashion genre called “Cottage Core.” But I am neither a cottage core girl nor indulge in trendy Fashion because my style is somewhere in between. 

Sunday best Look 1

Now, that has left me wondering what to call my style (*inserts thinking smiley)

Today’s looks are the Classic Skirt Twill in brown and army green and the Maxi Darling Twill Skirt. For both of the army green twill looks, I paired it with my favorite cashmere turtle neck and the Darling belt from the same brand. The turtle neck is currently out of stock, and I am unsure if there are intentions to stock them again.   

Son de Flor Look 1

Look 3

Other Things

Fall is here already, which means lots of festivities are on the way, which means thinking of what to wear to these various events. I would try to offer suggestions on the blog on what to wear for this various events and fingers crossed, I get to collaborate with brands to bring all that to you. In today’s post I have shared brands like Ganni, JW Pei, Emmy London, and Versace, carrying similar affordable accessories as the one I wore in today’s post.

If you enjoyed this post, share and tag me. Also, something noteworthy, I have a favorite blog from my friend Sade who authors “In my Sunday Best,” and you should check it out. Her writing is sublime and captures the world of a fashion girl living in her prime. 

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