5 Simple Ways to Style a Black Dress

A Black Dress is a woman’s delight. Few colors of clothing have the same longevity and general acceptance as black. A black dress will always be in trend and usually requires minimal effort to make an impression.
A black dress is often a woman’s amour should she decide to announce her freedom from a horrible marriage in a revenge dress like Princess Diana or squeeze the world’s attention into a silhouette like Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffanies.

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In 1926, when Coco Chanel released the illustration of a woman in a little black dress, there was a different type of political revolution. Since then, the lure of the black dress has gained momentum. A woman can always rely on a black dress to make a statement and grab the world’s attention.

So, in today’s post, I will share five (5) captivating ways to style a black dress.

Tips on How to Style a Black Dress

Add a Bold Accessory to achieve that Striking Look: An essential trick from Princess Diana’s Playbook. The studded necklace she wore with the revenge dress is an accessory worth remembering.

Choose the right Aesthetic to make an Impression: Relying on simple features like a suede, feminine silhouette, or bold cuts are ways to stand out in a black dress. A brand that reminds me of how to make an impression in a black dress is Schiaparelli, pictured below.

Choose a Red Lipstick that Sticks: almost a given that a bold lip stain, especially in red, spices up a black look.

An Endearing Scent: The old saying that a person is never really dressed until they wear a pleasant scent is accurate. Maybe I just made that up. Regardless, wearing a good perfume completes a look.

A nice shoe: A given!

Wearing a silk black robe